Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals, 2021 Edition

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دوره Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals, 2021 Edition
Steve Smith, Julie Lerman
4h 48m

دوره Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals (مبانی طراحی دامنه محور) نسخه 2021 موسسه Pluralsight، اصول طراحی دامنه محور (DDD) را از طریق نمایش تعاملات مشتری و یک برنامه نمونه پیچیده، همراه با مشاوره از کارشناسان مشهور DDD به شما آموزش می‌دهد. ابتدا، نحوه مدل سازی یک مسئله نرم افزاری را بررسی می‌کنید و در ادامه، عناصر DDD را کاوش خواهید کرد. در نهایت، یاد خواهید گرفت که چگونه از DDD در یک برنامه‌ی نمونه نرم افزاری استفاده کنید.
پس از اتمام این دوره، مهارت‌ها و دانش طراحی دامنه محور مورد نیاز برای گشودن پیچیدگی دامنه خود، ساخت نرم افزار هوشمندتر و به دست آوردن درک عمیق‌تر از DDD را در اختیار خواهید داشت.



Table of Contents:
- Course Overview
- Course Overview
- Introducing Domain-Driven Design
- Introduction and Overview
- What to Expect from This Course and This Module
- Understanding the Value of Domain-Driven Design
- Gaining a High-Level Understanding of DDD
- Exploring the Benefits and Potential Drawbacks of DDD
- Inspecting a Mind Map of Domain-Driven Design
- Introducing Our Sample Application
- Exploring the Sample App's High-level Structure
- Review and Resources
- Modeling Problems in Software
- Introduction and Overview
- Introducing Our Domain
- Planning Ahead to Learn About the Domain
- Conversation with a Domain Expert: Exploring the Domain and Its Subdomains
- Conversation with a Domain Expert: Exploring the Scheduling Subdomain
- Reviewing Key Takeaways from Meeting with Domain Expert(s)
- Taking a First Pass at Modeling our Subdomain
- Using Bounded Contexts to Untangle Concepts that Appear to Be Shared
- Conversation with Eric Evans on  Subdomains and Bounded Contexts
- Introducing Context Maps
- Addressing the Question of Separate Databases per Bounded Context
- Specifying Bounded Contexts in our Application
- Understanding the Ubiquitous Language of a Bounded Context
- Conversation with a Domain Expert:  Working on our Ubiquitous Language
- Reviewing Important Concepts from This Module
- Review and Resources
- Elements of a Domain Model
- Introduction and Overview
- The Importance of Understanding DDD Terms
- Focusing on the Domain
- Identifying Events Leads to Understanding Behaviors
- Comparing Anemic and Rich Domain Models
- Understanding Entities
- Differentiating CRUD from Complex Problems that Benefit from DDD
- Switching Between Contexts in a UI
- Using GUIDs or Ints for Identity Values
- Talking with Eric Evans About the Responsibility of Entities
- Implementing Entities in Code
- Synchronizing Data Across Bounded Contexts
- Review and Resources
- Understanding Value Objects & Services in the Model
- Introduction and Overview
- Getting Acquainted with Value Objects
- Recognizing Commonly Used Value Objects
- Getting More Insight from Eric Evans and Vaughn Vernon
- Implementing Value Objects in Code
- Understanding Domain Services
- Review and Resources
- Tackling Complexity with Aggregates
- Introduction and Overview
- Tackling Data Complexity
- Introducing Aggregates and Aggregate Roots
- Considering Associations in Aggregates
- Handling Relationships that Span Aggregates
- Evolving the Appointments Aggregate
- Using Invariants to Better Understand Our Aggregate
- Modeling Breakthroughs and Refactoring
- Recognizing Signs of a Misidentified Aggregate
- Considering Schedule as Our New Aggregate
- Exploring the Schedule Aggregate in Our Application
- Sharing Our Tips for Aggregate Design
- Review and Resources
- Working with Repositories
- Introduction and Overview
- Introducing Repositories
- Repository Benefits
- Repository Tips
- Avoiding Repository Blunders
- Addressing the Debates Around Using Repositories
- Returning IQueryables: Pros and Cons
- Considering Generic Repositories and Interfaces
- Exploring Repositories in our Application
- Introducing the Specification Pattern
- Using Specifications with Repositories in Our App
- Review and Resources
- Adding in Domain Events and Anti-corruption Layers
- Introduction and Overview
- Introducing Domain Events
- Identifying Domain Events in Our System
- Designing Domain Events
- Applying Domain Events to a Simple App
- Exploring Domain Events in Our Application
- Introducing Anti-Corruption Layers
- Review and Resources
- Evolving the Application Easily Thanks to DDD
- Introduction and Overview
- Reviewing Our Current System Design
- Addressing a New Feature with the Domain Expert
- Planning Our Implementation Steps
- Introducing Message Queues
- Sending a Message to the Queue
- Reading From the Message Queue and Acting on the Message
- Using Multiple Queues to Handle Various Communications
- Debugging to See the Detailed Implementation in Code
- Considering Microservices
- Sharing Some Tips for Extending and Running the Sample Application
- Considering the UI in the Domain Design
- Modeling with Event Storming and Other Techniques
- Eric Evans on the Fallacy of Perfectionism
- Lessons Learned Since Our 2014 Course
- Review and Resources

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