Dependency Injection with AngularJS

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Dependency Injection with AngularJS
Packt Publishing
Alex Knol

تزریق وابستگی، اصطلاحی هست که معمولا در دنیای طراحی نرم افزارهای شی گرا به کار برده می‌شود؛ و هسته‌ی AngularJS به آن وابسته است. در این کتاب به شما آموزش داده می‌شود که چرا و چگونه از Dependency Injection در AngularJS استفاده کنیم.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Learning to Fly, will take you through the basics of an Angular application. This chapter prepares a sample app that will be used throughout the examples in the book.

Chapter 2, Better Code, takes you from bad coding practices to maintainable and testable software using Dependency Injection. It also shows you the theory of Dependency Injection and some of its positive effects.

Chapter 3, The Magic, is a technical explanation of how Dependency Injection can be used with AngularJS and the caveats to watch out for.

Chapter 4, Testing, is a chapter that will show you the advantages that Dependency Injection brings when testing your application. Integration testing and unit testing are covered. The set up and use of recommended AngularJS testing frameworks are covered as well.

Chapter 5, Large Applications, will show you ways to implement the theory and techniques used in large applications. The result will be less code and better maintainability.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Learning to Fly
Chapter 2: Better Code
Chapter 3: The Magic
Chapter 4: Testing

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