Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter

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Team Foundation Server  2012 Starter
Packt Publishing
Jakob Ehn, Terje Sandstrøm

Welcome to the Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter. This book has been especially created to provide you with all the information that you need to speed with Team Foundation Server 2012(TFS 2012). You will learn how to set up TFS 2012, get started with version control, work items, continuous build and manual functional testing, and learn some best practices and useful tricks of the trade. You will also learn to access the TFS from other tools including Excel, and utilize the Web Access for those roles who don't use Visual Studio as their daily tool.

در این کتاب به صورت مختصر و مفید چگونگی کار با Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 را فراخواهید گرفت.

Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter  
So, what is Team Foundation Server 2012?  
Option A – Basic installation  
Step 1 – Running the setup  
Step 2 – Configuration  
Step 3 – Setting up the database  
Step 4 – Reviewing  
Step 5 – Performing the configuration  
That's it  
Option B – Standard server installation  
Option C – Team Foundation Service  
Step 1 – What do I need  
Step 2 – Signing up to the TFS service  
Quick start – Creating your first project  
Step 1 – Finding and connecting to the TFS 2012  
Step 2 – Creating a team project  
Step 3 – Creating the team  
Step 4 – Structuring areas for categorization and planning the release  
Step 5 – Creating product backlog items  
Step 6 – Assigning PBI to a sprint  
Step 7 – Creating subtasks  
Step 8 – Setting up the source control structure  
Step 9 – Adding solution to the source control  
Step 10 – Installing and configuring the build system  
Step 11 – Creating your first continuous integration build  
Step 12 – Naming  
What do I need on my client machine? 
Top features you'll want to know about  
1 – Team Explorer  
2 – Version control  
Source control explorer  
Pending changes  
Get Latest/Get Specific  
Branching and merging  
3 – Work items  
Creating work items  
Querying work items  
Using Microsoft Excel for batch updating  
The My Works hub  
4 – The Agile planning tools  
Product and sprint backlogs  
Using the Task and Kanban boards  
5 – Build automation  
Creating a build definition  
Running a build  
Customizing build definitions  


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