Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals

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دوره ویدیویی Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals
Julie Lerman, Steve Smith
4h 16m

دوره ویدیویی Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals موسسه Pluralsight که توسط Julie Lerman و Steve Smith تدریس شده است، در یادگیری اصول طراحی دامنه محور (DDD) از طریق نمایش تعاملات مشتری و نسخه نمایشی یک برنامه پیچیده به شما کمک می‌کند. در طول این دوره، شما در مورد عناصر مدل دامنه، aggregate‌ها و repository‌ها در Domain-Driven Design یاد خواهید گرفت.

شما همچنین می‌توانید مسائل پیرامون مدل سازی را بیاموزید و در مورد اجزای فنی DDD و نحوه مدیریت پیچیدگی اطلاعات کسب کنید. بنابراین اگر برای شروع کار آماده هستید، دوره مبانی طراحی دامنه محور منتظر شماست.

فیلم آموزشی «مبانی طراحی دامنه محور» موسسه Pluralsight که توسط Julie Lerman و Steve Smith تدریس شده است، دارای زیر نویس انگلیسی است.


Table of Contents:
Introducing DDD
- Introduction
- 10 Years of Domain-Driven Design
- What's in This Course?
- Eric Evans' Participation in This Course
- Why Should You Care About Domain-Driven Design?
- High Level View of DDD 1: Interaction With Domain Experts
- Eric Evans on the Importance of Communication
- High Level View of DDD 2: Focus on a SubDomain
- High Level View of DDD 3: Implementing the SubDomain
- Benefits of DDD
- Drawbacks of DDD
- A Mind Map of DDD's Working Parts
- Overview of the App Used in This Course
- Key Takeaways
- Resources
DDD: Modeling Problems in Software
- Introduction
- Goals?
- Learning About Our Domain by Talking With a Domain Expert
- Breaking the Domain Into Sub-domains
- Focusing on One Sub-domain With the Domain Expert
- First High-level Model of the Sub-domain
- Creating a Bounded Context
- Difference Between Sub-domain and Bounded Context
- Understanding Context Maps
- Eric Evans on Clearly Defining Context Boundaries
- Bounded Contexts in Our Application
- The Ubiquitous Language of a Bounded Context
- Working on a Ubiquitous Language With the Domain Expert
- Glossary of Terms From This Module
- A Quick Review
- Resources
Elements of a Domain Model
- Introduction
- Goals
- The Importance of Understanding DDD Terminology
- Focus on the Domain
- Anemic and Rich Models
- Entities in DDD and in Our Bounded Context
- Eric Evans on the Single Responsibility of Entities
- Eric Evans on the Entity Equality Methods
- How We've Implemented Entities in Our Code
- Associations (aka Relationships)
- Value Objects
- Eric Evans on the Methods in Value Objects
- Value Objects in Our Code
- Eric Evans on the Entity Logic in Value Objects
- Domain Services
- Glossary
- Key Takeaways
- Resources
Aggregates in Domain-Driven Design
- Introduction
- Goals
- Tackling Data Complexity
- Introducing Aggregates and Aggregate Roots
- Interacting With Aggregates
- Evolving the Appointments Aggregate
- Using Invariants to Better Understand Our Aggregate
- Modeling Breakthroughs and Refactoring
- Considering Schedule as Our New Aggregate
- The Schedule Aggregate in Our Application
- Review Aggregate Tips
- Glossary
- Resources
- Introduction
- Goals
- Introducing Repositories
- Repository Tips, Benefits, and Guidance
- Comparing Repositories and Factories
- To IRepository T or Not to IRepository T?
- Generic Repositories in DDD
- Repositories in Our Application
- Refactoring for Better Separation
- Glossary
- References
Domain Events and Anti-corruption Layers
- Introduction
- Goals
- Introducing Domain Events
- Domain Events Demo in a Simple App
- Domain Events in Our Application
- Domain Event Boundaries
- Anti-corruption Layers
- Glossary
- References
Reaping the Benefits of Domain-Driven Design
- Introduction
- Goals
- Our Current System Design
- Discussing a New Feature With the Domain Expert
- Planning the Implementation
- Adding a Message Queue Between Our Apps
- Combining Message Queues, Events, and Services
- Debugging to See Detailed Implementation in Code
- Homework: Extending the App Again
- Considering the UI When Designing the Domain
- Eric Evans on the Fallacy of Perfectionism
- Remember This From This Module!
- Glossary
- References
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