Pro SQL Server on Linux Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes

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دانلود کتاب Pro SQL Server on Linux
Ward Bob

کتاب Pro SQL Server on Linux، برای آن دسته از توسعه دهندگان و متخصصان IT است که تازه با SQL Server آشنا شده اند و قصد دارند که آن را بر روی سیستم عامل لینوکس اجرا کنند. این کتاب همچنین برای کسانی که با SQL Server در ویندوز آشنایی دارند و می‌خواهند جنبه‌های منحصر به فرد مدیریت SQL Server بر روی لینوکس و کانتینر‌های داکر را یاد بگیرند مفید خواهد بود.

What You'll Learn
• Learn about the history and internal of the unique SQL Server on Linux architecture.
• Install and configure Microsoft’s flagship database product on the Linux platform
• Manage your deployments using container technology through Docker and Kubernetes
• Know the basics of building databases, the T-SQL language, and developing applications against SQL Server on Linux
• Use tools and features to diagnose, manage, and monitor SQL Server on Linux
• Scale your application by learning the performance capabilities of SQL Server
• Deliver high availability and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
• Secure your database from attack, and protect sensitive data through encryption
• Take advantage of powerful features such as Failover Clusters, Availability Groups, In-Memory Support, and SQL Server’s Self-Tuning Engine
• Learn how to migrate your database from older releases of SQL Server and other database platforms such as Oracle and PostgreSQL
• Build and maintain schemas, and perform management tasks from both GUI and command line
Table of contents (12 chapters)
• Why SQL Server on Linux?
• Install and Configuration
• Building a Database and T-SQL Fundamentals
• Building an Application and Advanced T-SQL
• SQL Server Tools
• Performance Capabilities
• Security in SQL Server
• High Availability and Disaster Recovery for SQL Server
• Managing and Monitoring SQL Server
• Migrating to SQL Server on Linux
• SQL Server and Containers
• Epilogue
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