Mastering Yii

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کتاب Mastering Yii
Packt Publishing
Charles R. Portwood II

فریمورک Yii 2، جانشین فریمورک محبوب Yii است. به مانند جانشینش، Yii2 فریم ورک توسعه سریع متن باز، با کارایی  بالا است که برای ساخت برنامه‌ها و API‌های مدرن، مقیاس پذیر و سازگار طراحی شده است.
این کتاب هم برای توسعه دهندگانی که با Yii و Yii2 آشنایی ندارند و هم برای توسعه دهندگان فریمورک Yii که به دنبال متخصص شدن در Yii2 هستند، به عنوان راهنمای شما تا استاد Yii شدن است. از ایجاد و پیکربندی تا اشکال زدایی و انتشار، این کتاب راهنمای شما برای استاد شدن در همه‌ی جنبه‌های این فریمورک قدرتمند است.


Key Features
•    Learn to work with the key aspects of Yii Framework 2
•    Explore how to create RESTful APIs with Yii
•    Incorporate codeception with Yii2 to test your code thoroughly

Book Description
The successor of Yii Framework 1.1, Yii2 is a complete rewrite of Yii Framework, one of the most popular PHP 5 frameworks for making modern web applications. The update embraces the best practices and protocols established with newer versions of PHP, while still maintaining the simple, fast, and extendable behavior found in its predecessor.
This book has been written to enhance your skills and knowledge with Yii Framework 2. Starting with configuration and how to initialize new projects, you'll learn how to configure, manage, and use every aspect of Yii2 from Gii, DAO, Query Builder, Active Record, and migrations, to asset manager. You'll also discover how to automatically test your code using codeception.
With this book by your side, you'll have all the skills you need to quickly create rich modern web and console applications with Yii2.

What you will learn
•    Explore Yii2's conventions and learn how to properly configure Yii2
•    Create both web and console applications
•    Reduce development time by learning to create classes automatically with Gii, Yii2's automatic code generation tool
•    Use Yii2's database migration tool
•    Manage and access databases with Active Record, DAO, and Query Builder
•    Handle user authentication and authorization within Yii2
•    Create RESTful APIs with Yii Framework 2
•    Test applications automatically with codeception

About the Author
Charles R. Portwood II has over 10 years of experience developing modern web applications and is well versed in integrating PHP with native mobile applications. An avid proponent of Yii Framework and open source software, Charles has contributed multiple guides, extensions, and applications to the Yii community. In addition to being a programmer, he is also a Linux system administrator.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Composer, Configuration, Classes, and Path Aliases
Chapter 2. Console Commands and Applications
Chapter 3. Migrations, DAO, and Query Building
Chapter 4. Active Record, Models, and Forms
Chapter 5. Modules, Widgets, and Helpers
Chapter 6. Asset Management
Chapter 7. Authenticating and Authorizing Users
Chapter 8. Routing, Responses, and Events
Chapter 9. RESTful APIs
Chapter 10. Testing with Codeception
Chapter 11. Internationalization and Localization
Chapter 12. Performance and Security
Chapter 13. Debugging and Deploying


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