Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers 3rd Edition

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McGraw-Hill Education
William Palm III
February 8, 2010
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آشنایی با متلب برای مهندسین کتابی ساده و مختصر است و برای تازه کاران طراحی شده است تا به عنوان یک مرجع از آن ساتفاده کنند. متلب یک ابزار محاسبه گر برای مهندسین و دانشمندان میباشد.واژگان، علم نحو یا سینتکس آن به خوبی تعریف شده است. این کتاب تمامی آنچه را که یک دانشجوی نیاز دارد فراهم میسازد.

Chapter One
1.1–1 Volume of a circular cylinder
1.6–1 Piston motion
Chapter Two
2.3–1 Vectors and displacement
2.3–2 Aortic pressure model
2.3–3 Transportation route analysis
2.3–4 Current and power dissipation in
2.3–5 A batch distillation process
2.4–1 Miles traveled
2.4–2 Height versus velocity
2.4–3 Manufacturing cost analysis
2.4–4 Product cost analysis
2.5–1 Earthquake-resistant building design
2.6–1 An environmental database
2.7–1 A student database
Chapter Three
3.2–1 Optimization of an irrigation channel
Chapter Four
4.3–1 Height and speed of a projectile
4.5–1 Series calculation with a for loop
4.5–2 Plotting with a for loop
4.5–3 Data sorting
4.5–4 Flight of an instrumented rocket
4.6–1 Series calculation with a while loop
4.6–2 Growth of a bank account
4.6–3 Time to reach a speci ed height
4.7–1 Using the switch structure for calendar
4.9–1 A college enrollment model: Part I
4.9–2 A college enrollment model: Part II
Chapter Five
5.2–1 Plotting orbits
Chapter Six
6.1–1 Temperature dynamics
6.1–2 Hydraulic resistance
6.2–1 Estimation of traf c ow
6.2–2 Modeling bacteria growth
6.2–3 Breaking strength and alloy
6.2–4 Response of a biomedical instrument
Chapter Seven
7.1–1 Breaking strength of thread
7.2–1 Mean and standard deviation of heights
7.2–2 Estimation of height distribution
7.3–1 Statistical analysis and manufacturing
Chapter Eight
8.1–1 The matrix inverse method
8.2–1 Left division method with three
8.2–2 Calculations of cable tension
8.2–3 An electric resistance network
8.2–4 Ethanol production
8.3–1 An underdetermined set with three
equations and three unknowns
8.3–2 A statically indeterminate problem
8.3–3 Three equations in three unknowns,
8.3–4 Production planning
8.3–5 Traf c engineering
8.4–1 The least-squares method
8.4–2 An overdetermined set
Chapter Nine
9.1–1 Velocity from an accelerometer
9.1–2 Evaluation of Fresnel’s cosine integral
9.1–3 Double integral over a nonrectangular
9.3–1 Response of an RC circuit
9.3–2 Liquid height in a spherical tank
9.4–1 A nonlinear pendulum model
9.5–1 Trapezoidal pro le for a dc motor
Chapter Ten
10.2–1 Simulink solution of
10.2–2 Exporting to the MATLAB workspace
10.2–3 Simulink model for
10.3–1 Simulink model of a two-mass
suspension system
10.4–1 Simulink model of a rocket-propelled
10.4–2 Model of a relay-controlled motor
10.5–1 Response with a dead zone
10.6–1 Model of a nonlinear pendulum
Chapter Eleven
11.3–1 Intersection of two circles
11.3–2 Positioning a robot arm
11.5–1 Topping the Green Monster


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